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Clearwater – The First Spent Carbon Waste Storage Permit site in the Country, and Our Involvement

Clearwater Construction Building


Project Information

We were first contacted by Clearwater when they had just started operating from new premises in Corby, their Head Office being in the Glasgow area. As a company, they were contracted to replace ‘spent' carbon with new, in installations such as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants in England. Their aim was to store the waste carbon in Corby so that they could ‘bulk up’ to a full load to send to a regeneration plant.  Because they were planning to store waste they required an Environment Agency (EA) Permit. WPSCC were retained to process the Permit Application in June 2017, and the Application and supporting documents were compiled and submitted in September. However, then started a lengthy question and answer period with the EA, because the EA had never issued a Permit of this type before.


The Fire Prevention Plan was finally agreed when a suitable Fire Detection System was proposed.


The EWC codes required were ‘99’ codes, as there were no specific codes for actuated carbon, and Clearwater had to categorise the waste received in readiness for disposal. However, after many discussions, ‘Mr Waste’ (his description of himself) at the EA finally agreed which EWC codes could go on the Permit and the Permit was finally issued in December 2018.


Our Story


WPSCC accepted Clearwater as a client to help them obtain an EA Permit as quickly as possible, in order to minimise the losses caused by their operating out of the new premises. It was realised, only a short way into the process, that this Permit Application was going to be a challenge due to the uniqueness of the requirements.  However, WPSCC has always risen to a challenge, and will persevere to achieve what the client requires.  We were not only prepared to take on board any new information and adapt it, but also to fight the client’s corner with the EA to achieve the best possible solution.




Another Permitting first for WPSCC!

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Breeze block internal wall

At WPS Compliance Consulting Ltd we aim to remove the burden of compliance, allowing our clients to concentrate on the main focus of their business. We specialise in the Construction Industry, but also help a range of different companies with their environmental issues, such as ISO14001 and Permitting.

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