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Upton Dairy, Banbury

Upton Dairy

Project information

The Upton Dairy project started in November 2009 and completed in July 2010. It involved part conversion and part new build of a business park at Upton Estate, Upton Dairy in Banbury, Oxfordshire. The project had plenty of scope for waste minimisation techniques to be identified at the pre construction phase site waste management plan (SWMP). Watson and Cox Ltd enlisted the assistance of WPS Ltd, to help them integrate the SWMP onto all their projects. The project floor area was approximately 2682m2 with a steel frame construction type.

The approach taken

Numerous waste minimisation decisions were undertaken successfully during the construction phase SWMP including;

  • To crush and reuse material from the demolition phase
  • To cut and fill with materials where possible
  • To recycle timber waste on site for the biogas boiler for the site
  • To reuse inert material arisings for bunds on site
  • To reuse existing paved areas


The targets set in the SWMP was to reduce waste by 10%, to recycle 60% and to send to landfill 25%, this target was easily achieved. The original forecast for inert waste was 140 tonnes, but no inert waste was sent from site during the construction phase and non hazardous waste was a mere 38 tonnes, which for a project cost of £1,750,000 and the floor area is impressive. Any mixed waste that left site easily achieved a recycling rate of 60% through the assistance of their waste contractors.

Cost savings

Although skip costs were underestimated at tender a cost saving of £34,899 has been achieved through waste minimisation techniques implemented on site. This cost saving equates to 2% of the total project costs.

Lessons learnt

Segregated waste skips will always be considered for future projects as they reduce the waste disposal costs and only waste contractors will be used with high offsite recycling rates to ensure best practice and reduction to landfill.

Watson and Cox Ltd plan to develop their own in house forecasting data, assisted by WPS to ensure that the pre construction plan aligns as closely as possible to actual waste arisings data.

The procurement strategy will be addressed shortly which will include; sustainable products, returnable packaging schemes and sub contractors procurement.

In conclusion

Watson and Cox Ltd are delighted with the integration of SWMPs onto their sites and will continue to strive to achieve their target of 5% project savings through SWMPs. There are more areas of potential they would like to continue to address through the assistance of WPS Ltd.

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