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All we hear on the news at the moment seems to be doom and gloom and I keep wondering if the four horses of the Apocalypse are riding. Then looking out of the WPS door, the sun is shining, the flowers in the beds are blooming and then the phone rings with an enquiry, so the future is actually rosy.

WPS was born during the recession in 2009 and is proof that companies can grow and flourish regardless of what the government of the time, economic climate, etc. throws at them and believe me, the government has thrown a few serious curved balls.  The initial reason that WPS was formed was to provide a simple cost effective online solution for Site Waste Management Plans which at the time were compulsory for all construction projects with a value of over £300,000.  It was a great idea and worked exceptionally well until the Government decided to cancel the requirement for them – Oops  – sales stopped almost overnight.  However, WPS had in its MD, what it takes to make a successful company, she didn’t sit in the corner and cry – she regrouped and made new plans.  That resilience and planning has enabled WPS to continue and grow.

WPS has now carved its future by becoming a Specialist Compliance Company working with the construction industry.  Once again a hole in the market was identified and plans were made for WPS to be the logical company for contractors to turn to for assistance.  Now the days are filled helping contractors fulfil the conditions and constraints the planners have imposed and in London some councils are incredibly demanding!  Often working long hours and visiting sites the consultants have come up with innovative ideas that can help our clients achieve scores over 40 in the Considerate Constructors Scheme (on first visit too!); achieve very good or excellent on their BREEAM Accreditation (whichever required).  WPS even managed to get a Construction Management Plan including the Noise, Dust and Vibration plan through Camden council which prior to our involvement had previously been rejected numerous times!

Believing that it is important for future generations to get involved in the Construction Industry we have encouraged several clients to become involved in work experience and apprenticeship schemes.  We even manned a stand at a “Careers in the Construction Industry” event for one of our clients recently.  WPS now offer talks to primary and secondary schools as a standard part of our Considerate Constructors Scheme solutions.  The probing and insightful questions that are asked by these children are quite often surprising, as well as challenging.

What are the future plans for WPS?  The range of products and services that are being offered are steadily being increased as the knowledge base of the consultants expands and the market dictates.  The company has also made agreements with trusted sub-contractors to cover even more services. This means that whatever the Contractor requires WPS can now offer, the company is fast becoming a “One Stop Shop” for compliance solutions. 

This is just a little glimpse into the future plans of WPS.  It is exciting and we want YOUR involvement.  Make sure you “tick all the required boxes” call us now on 01604 859961.

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