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rightWasterightPlace – Your responsiblilty and Duty of Care

Did you know that the waste industry is running an awareness campaign called:

right Waste right Place?


Well let’s tell you about it as it is a very “hot” topic this summer.

Currently 56% of UK Industry is not fully compliant with Duty of Care and related regulations.

You may ask if that matters – it certainly does if you are in the percentage who are not fully compliant because you are leaving yourself liable to enforcement action which can include heavy fines.

Also If ‘Duty of Care’ was complied with, and if businesses asked the right questions and made the right checks about what happened to their waste, then they would effectively be cutting off the supply to waste criminals and would make a big dent in the current £50 million cost of fly-tipping to local authorities and the £568 million cost of waste crime to the UK’s economy as a whole. Taken from the ESAET, Waste Crime:

Tackling Britain’s Dirty Secret?” report:

Starting from the beginning……

  1. What is waste?  This is any material or item that you or your business have no further use for and wish to be removed.  This doesn’t matter whether it is going to be repaired, recycled or discarded.

  2. What is your responsibility?  It is your responsibility from the moment you produce any waste to ensure that it is responsibly a legally recovered or disposed of.  This is your Duty of Care.  This means that you must know where your waste is going once it has been collected and whether the carrier collecting your waste is fully licenced.  Unfortunately ignorance is no defence and if your waste is illegally carried or dumped (fly tipped) you would be legally responsible and could face conviction with possible fines or even imprisonment.

  3. How can I find out if my carrier has the appropriate registration and is tipping at legal sites?  There is a search facility so you can check the carrier’s registration.  The carrier should also give you a waste transfer note telling you who collected the waste, where it was transferred to, date of transfer and lots of other useful information.  Keep this in your records.

  4. Why is this Important?  The Environment Agency is responsible for overseeing the laws regarding waste and together with the Waste Industry they are trying to eliminate the cowboys who pick up waste and then dump it illegally.

  5. How can I learn more? If you would like assistance then you can either call WPS on 01604 859961 or for a simple guide on how to manage your waste responsibly and legally go to and sign up for the latest updates.

The ESA & CIWM have recently launched an Ambassador programme for the right Waste right Place campaign and this has already attracted some big names including Wilmot Dixon and the Federation of Small Businesses. Endorsement by the FSB is notable because the campaign is aimed at those of you who are small or medium sized companies – so get looking!

The right Waste right Place campaign will also be launching a construction sector specific campaign this autumn so watch out for further details of this.

The campaign is managed by the Environmental Services Association and sponsored by the Environment AgencyCIWM and ESAET

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