What is BSI PAS 402 and the Green Compass Scheme?

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So, what is PAS402? Well, it’s a BSI standard, authored in 2009 in conjunction with Constructing Excellence Wales, that basically confirms the claims being made by a Waste Company with regard to the Recovery rates that they achieve when processing waste.

The key is that the Waste processor must report their recovery rates for a variety of waste streams, such as plasterboard and metals, and also record the landfill tonnage incurred, which increases the motivation to divert from landfill and these figures have to be verified by a UKAS accredited inspection body.

Whilst the PAS sets out the guidelines and a framework of good practice for industry to follow, the Green Compass scheme is the only UKAS accredited programme which provides a standardised route to achieving the BSI PAS402 accreditation.

PAS402 compliant companies (and therefore members of the Green Compass Scheme) are more and more, becoming the preferred choice of companies with a waste removal requirement because the compliance is being included within procurement pre-qualification questionnaires.

For the Construction Industry, the Green Compass Scheme and PAS402 are particularly important because the BREEAM NC 2018 standard includes PAS 402 compliant waste management as a requirement for an Exemplary Level Credit in the Waste (Wst) Section.

In order to assist with promoting PAS402 and its benefits to our clients, WPSCC have become affiliated members of the Green Compass scheme and we will be identifying compliant Waste Contractors withing our reports and also within our SWMP / RMP software tool, SitePlan ( ).

If you’d like to know more about the Scheme, or PAS402 here Green Compass | A New Direction for waste management or contact us 01604-859961 or [email protected] .

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