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Passionate about Planning ? We are! We love to make a difference and impress our clients by providing a fast yet accurate solution to many planning requirements.  We believe service is the key and we know that each day lost is a cost, so how can we help make a difference for you today?

Our Planning Services

WPS Compliance Consulting provides a range of Planning related products and services, such as:-

  • Documents to accompany a Planning Application e.g. An Operational / Occupational Waste Management Plan
  • Documents / Information to discharge Planning Conditionsm e.g. A construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Managing and Reporting satisfaction of a project’s ‘s106 obligations’

A recent achievement for one of our clients was to complete the sign off of their £145,000+ s106 financial liability. Please click on a Planning service below to find out more.

Air Quality and Dust Risk Assessment (AQDRA)

Many Planners will require an Air Quality and Dust Risk Assessment (AQDRA) to be carried out prior to works commencing on a construction site

Air Quality and Dust Management Plan (AQDMP)

Air Quality is a subject which more and more planning authorities are becoming sensitive to and construction is an activity which can have a significant impact on this.

Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

Often required for planning, a Construction Environmental Management Plan details the impacts of a construction development.

Construction Management Plans (CMP)

Planning conditions frequently require a Construction Management Plan to be submitted prior to commencement of any works.

Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) Packages

WPSCC guarantee to immediately increase your score for the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Construction Logistics Plan (CLP)

As the construction phase of any development has an effect on the environment of the local community as well as the safety and congestion of both the local and regional road networks.

Construction Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Planning authorities are becoming more conscious of the effects a construction site can have on its neighbouring environment.

Construction Transport Management Plan (CTMP)

A CTMP is an important document that will outline all vehicle routing for all potential vehicles that will access and egress the site.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

A CSR is the process of assessing an organisation’s impact on society and evaluating its responsibilities.

Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) can help you demonstrate your commitment to minimising your impact on the environment.

FORS and CLOCS Compliance

The FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) is a voluntary scheme designed to raise the level of quality within fleet operations. It can be rewarded at bronze, silver and gold levels.

Local Labour Procurement

S106 Planning Obligations often specify that a developer must procure a certain percentage of labour from the ‘local area’.

Local Procurement Strategies

A procurement strategy can be part of a planning constraint. In London specifically, it is part of the s106 agreement and WPSCC ensures that these strategies are prepared in compliance with the City of London Code of Practice.

NRMM Registration

The Greater London Authority has introduced strict standards to reduce emissions of pollutants from Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) carrying out construction and demolition activities.

Noise, Dust and Vibration Plans

Planning authorities are becoming more conscious of the effects a construction site can have on its neighbouring environment. Noise, dust and vibration monitoring are becoming more necessary.

Traffic Management Plans

There are many things to consider when thinking about construction site traffic and how vehicles and routes will be managed.

Whole Life Carbon Assessments

Large-scale construction in London is about to undergo a whole-life-carbon revolution, as the new London Plan mandates Whole Life Carbon Assessments and Circular Economy Statements in a bid to meet net zero carbon commitments.

Waste Audit including Duty of Care checks

Do you have the correct information / documents to satisfy ISO9001 / ISO14001 requirements?

Water Management Plans

Water monitoring and management is becoming essential for construction sites, with respect to achieving targets under the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

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